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PAYOT ensures that women seeking authentic luxury can experience beautiful, forever-young skin.

Dedicated exclusively to skincare, the brand supports women from one generation to the next, at every moment of their life. It offers a unique experience with its professional salon treatments, and skincare products that reveal the beauty of every woman, in the privacy
of her own home.

Like a real beauty coach, PAYOT offers a unique alchemy between innovative formulas from the latest scientific advances, and the sensoriality of its products – the brand’s legendary signature. This sensoriality is expressed through the textures, fragrances, colours and application methods of the products.


The PAYOT experience is about giving women an active role in their beauty and sharing the secrets of professional techniques with them to boost their satisfaction and results.

Attentive to women’s needs, PAYOT creates these exceptional moments with sensorial signatures that are built upon a very strong relationship of trust for almost 100 years.


A woman, a doctor and a beauty care visionary. As a doctor, Nadia Payot sought products providing visible results and respect for the skin above all. Her friendship with the ballerina Anna Pavlova reinforced her convictions where she was struck by the difference between the dancer’s youthful body and the fatigue that could be seen on her face. By combining her medical skills with beauty, but also specific movements with beauty care, she developed what she called the “physical culture” of the face. This concept led to the development of the 42-Movement Facial Protocol, representing a vital part of the brand’s heritage. 


More than ever before, PAYOT, a brand in motion, brings advances in skin care and makes all women and men, including the most demanding, increasingly more beautiful!



Developed by Dr Nadia Payot, this unusual massage is inspired by the art of dance. Designed as choreography in various tempos, the fingers of the beautician dance on the skin. A true cosmetic revolution, it puts the application gestures at the heart of the effectiveness of the care.

The 42-Movement Massage is a real facial treatment with truly therapeutic benefits. By activating all the physiological systems (lymphatic, vascular, muscular, respiratory, and cutaneous), it simultaneously offers absolute, deep, and lasting well-being as well as visible beauty results on the radiance of the complexion and youth of the skin.

A beauty routine resulting from the combination of unique massage techniques, effective active ingredients and sensorial textures. Exceptional treatments for an immediate and sustainable result and great moment of relaxation.

Professional know-how for a legendary signature

Developed by Dr Nadia Payot, this inique massage inspired by the field of dance. Designed as choreography, it contains precise and technical gestures that are both harmonious and rhythmic. Further still, it truly provides therapeutic benefits. By activating all the physiological systems (lymphatic, vascular, muscular, respiratory, and cutaneous), it simultaneously offers absolute, deep, and lasting well- being as well as visible beauty results. This very holistic care philosophy helps meet the expectations of modern woman, who increasingly active and demanding.


At the heart of Payot advanced Research & Development Laboratories, a team of scientists and passionate experts(dermatologists, pharmacist, chemists and pharmaceutical specialists) work together to create effective cosmetic formulations respecting safety, control and dermatological ethical standards. Payot offers advanced skin care to make all women and men, including the most demanding, increasingly more beautiful.



An International Presence

PAYOT products are distributed in 60 countries,  300 spas including Park Hyatt Paris, Les Bain de Lea, Paris, Pullman Barcelona, Sheraton Porto, Oceo and Druids Glen in Ireland.

Oceo Spa at Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel  Oceo Spa at Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel European Spa of the Year 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Tatler Resort Spa 2014

The SPA at Druids Glen Resort. The Spa of Druids Glen Resort RSVP Best Facial Treatment 2014



Retail Products Training- 1 Day

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Face Treatment Training- 2 Days

Body Treatments Training- 3 Days

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From 9 am to 5 pm/ lunch provided


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